We pride ourselves on a host of services that we can offer our clients. These include but are not limited to:

• Programming

• Master Planning

• Computer Generated Rendering and Visualization

• Budgeting and Cost Analysis

• Building Code Analysis

• Architectural Design

• Contract Preparation

• Contract Administration

• Coordinate with Consultant Engineering services

Client focus

Our services center on our clients’ needs.

We listen to their ideas, design to fit their budget, and if needed, give guidance on choosing a contractor. Furthermore, we are there to help solve issues that might arise throughout the construction phase.

An equally important building design issue is working with the various regulatory agencies that are involved in the various stages of the building project. We strive to work with our clients in obtaining the necessary approvals. As stated earlier, we value the relationship and ethical conduct our years of working with these agencies provide.

We know that the relationship we have with our clients does not simply end once the building is ready to be occupied. Our goal is to continue to be there for our clients to help answer questions related to their project and to be available to assist when future building growth is expected.

Tools we Use

The tools we use to help us achieve these goals and meet our clients expectations are as follows:

• Various 2D CAD software platforms

• 3D computer modeling and rendering

• Traffic Analysis software to meet DOTD requirements

• Solar studies software

• Various presentational software

• Large format printing, scanning and copying

• Our skill, creativity and decades of experience



Taylor-Wallace Designs, Inc. wants to be your design team, both now and in the future. We never approach a client with an arrogant design philosophy that tries to push our ideas and suggestions over their needs and concerns. We listen, take notes and try to create the building that pleases the owner in form, function and budget. Because we too are a small business with a real need to balance budgets and control expenses, we understand and pay close attention to owners concerns with cost of construction.

If you have been involved in prior construction you probably know that in every building program there are three components that must be understood and agreed upon. These are time, cost and quality. Is a scheduled time for a completed building important to you as an owner? How about the cost of construction or quality of the job and services rendered? Some owners have to sacrifice one for the other two usually because important design issues were not fully discussed and a full understanding of roles and responsibilities was not clear from the beginning. Our goal is to immerse our team fully into the client’s project from the start and strive to achieve a real balance of these three components.

Your new building project is important to us and we will work hard to make it a success. We are always encouraged when we hear compliments from a previous client regarding our services as well as an offer to help in the design of a new facility. We have found this to be the case many times and as our references will show, a good word goes a long way.

Please read through our references and contact us with any questions you may have. We will gladly provide you with the contact information we have regarding any of these references.

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An Architectural &
Engineering Corporation

We are a fully insured family-owned and operated business located in Northeast Louisiana. We take pride in providing our clients with design services that focus on quality construction methods, budget concerns, and quick project delivery.